AKTUS provides a range of on-site training options for risk and other relevant employees either as standard sessions or as sessions tailored to your needs.

Intelligent Risk Taking

This training session takes participants from traditional risk avoidance and control thinking into a value-adding decision focused intelligent risk taking.

Topics covered includes:
  • The need to update risk management
  • Enhancing risk management basics
  • Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Decision focused risk management  … what and how
  • Strategic scenario based risk management … what and how
The training session requires 5 - 24 participants to be optimal.

The session is as standard planned for one (full) day, but can be tailored to a more in-depth hands-on/minds-on two-day session.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Monte Carlo Simulation is a pivotal tool for risk managers when a portfolio of risks is to be considered in fulfilment of an objective. This irrespectively of whether this is meeting the strategic aspiration, next years budget, or the defined targets for a specific project.

Based on years of experience, AKTUS provides a one-day hands-on/minds-on training program which enables participants to leverage this tool actively in managing a risk portfolio.

Training may include customer specific issues and assessments.

The training is based on the @Risk from Palisade, and participants are assumed to have this available.

Tailored training

AKTUS provides on-site tailored and task focused training sessions where practical on-the-job training combines active participation and learning with solving specific assignments and meeting task objectives.

Topics may include active risk managing:
  • a specific strategy
  • a specific project
  • a decision process
  • resource/capacity planning
  • budgeting/cash flow
or like topic as agreed between us.