Prepare the enterprise

Effective enterprise risk management

Establishing or enhancing enterprise risk management to provide your organisation with a holistic overview of its current risk exposure which is as important to intelligent decision making as knowing your financial performance


  • A valid insight into the company’s risk exposure is a pivotal element of intelligent risk taking
  • As much about deliberately taking risks as about managing the risks already taken


  • Establish or enhance the company’s enterprise risk management to ensure a consistent, coherent and valid reporting on and across multiple risk categories
  • Consolidation of risk exposure using Monte Carlo simulation


  • Identification, assessment, handling and monitoring of all categories of risks to the company – using a systematic approach and collecting data in an Excel based and tailored risk register, which enables semi-automated and tailored risk reporting
  • Includes rationales behind risk assessments as well as maturity metrics on risk treatments


  • Depending on company size and complexity as well as current enterprise risk management status … generally two-three weeks of AKTUS involvement for first establishment
  • Assumes company assigned “risk driver” during project phase as well as part time involvement subsequently


  • Company assigned “risk driver” will be trained during process.
  • Training in Monte Carlo simulation based consolidation will be included as this is a key element of the consolidated reporting


  • Provides tools, templates and frameworks – adjusted to match company requirements
  • Provides facilitation in close collaboration with appointed company “risk drivers”, who are being trained to take over