Prepare strategy

Creating a resilient strategy

Strategies are assumed effective in an unknown future. An effective half day workshop drives executives and leaders to form and address plausible, yet alternative futures and from these identify and prioritize issues.


  • The world will change between now and when the strategy is assumed to be effective. Implicit and explicit assumptions have been made for the expected future …challenging this enables having the needed manoeuvrability to act in time


  • A scenario based strategy workshop, where the strategy is tested for resilience vs. a future which differs from the one expected/planned for


  • A four-hour workshop where leaders first identify key driving uncertainties, and from these define four different, yet plausible scenarios
  • Based on these scenarios, a range of issues, all of which may be risks or opportunities depending on company approach, are identified and prioritized via a generic strategic response
  • The workshop can be extended with a fifth hour of defining who is doing what by when to each of the prioritized issues


  • Each requested workshop is one day of AKTUS involvement, including the four-five hour session


  • Company staff can be trained to continue and repeat the process.
  • This will normally require participation in at least three such workshops


  • Provides tools and templates matching company requirements – as well as facilitation of and full reporting from the scenario workshop