Prepare projects 

Proactive risk and opportunity management

Project risk management is more than addressing what may hamper finishing on time on budget. The AKTUS holistic and systematic approach addresses risks and opportunities as well as uncertainties to the project and those emerging from the project onto the business 


  • Proactive risk and opportunity planning, integrated in business case preparation enables intelligent project target setting and planning
  • Drives SMART and risk based target setting 


  • Projects are assumed having a defined “closing date”.
  • Managing risks as well as opportunities enhances project performance – potentially to exceed defined targets


  • Identification, assessment, handling and monitoring of risks and opportunities to/from the project – using a systematic approach and collecting data in an Excel based and tailored risk register, which enables semi-automated and tailored risk reporting
  • Includes rationales behind risk assessments as well as standardized reporting


  • Depending on project size and complexity as well as current project risk management status … generally a week or two of AKTUS involvement for first establishment
  • Assumes company assigned “risk driver” during project phase as well as part time involvement subsequently


  • Company assigned “risk driver” will be trained during process.
  • Further training in Monte Carlo simulation based consolidation can be added/embedded on request.


  • Provides tools, templates and frameworks – adjusted to match company requirements
  • Provides facilitation in close collaboration with appointed project “risk drivers”, who are being trained to take over