Prepare business design

Uncertainty balanced business design

The business design need to match the current and future needs of the industry. Analysing and challenging the business design aiming to separate areas of efficiency from areas of flexibility to optimize performance 


  • In a volatile world, a company’s business design must balance efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability to new conditions.
  • Material changes to a business design may be an extensive process, hence, there is great value in timely insight and decision making


  • Challenging the current business design from a perspective of uncertainty and change unbiased by "we have always ..."


  • Based on interviews and data – analysing the company business design vs. key uncertainties to suggest areas of attention


  • Depending on company size and complexity as well as data access … generally two-three weeks of AKTUS involvement.
  • Assumes company liaison for data collection and organisational know-how


  • Company staff involved will learn from sparring.
  • Training is not planned as standard, but can be added on request


  • Interviews and data based analyses of the company business design and processes
  • Deliver a report on key findings and prioritized potential changes