Presentations, webinars, etc.

Over the years, I have given a series of talks and presentations, which are made available here in "reverse" chronological order, i.e. the latest first. You may download/watch the Youtube video or download/look at the slides by clicking on the description text.

How Succesful Leaders Balance Risk and Opportunity

As part of Risk Awareness Week 2023, I did this presentatipon on leveraging risk management to generate challenging, inspiring and realistic targets for a project or initiative (or budget or strategy for that matter).

Decision Risk Management

August 2022 I did a keynote presentation at the NZ isk Summit in Auckland. I adressed decision risk management and how that is effectively implemented to support good decisions and (mostly) execution.

Effective Risk Reporting

This is a part of an contrbuting to the special Risk Awareness Week charity day of 28 April 2022 where sessions were free, but came with an urge to support and donate to the people of Ukraine suffering from the Russian illegal invasion of their sovereign country.In this I speak of Effectvie Risk Reporting which, of course, is not about reporting risks.

I also address Putin's failed politcal risk management relating to the war.

Risk appetite and risk tolerance

I had a good conversation with US risk specialist Carol Williams on the concepts of risk appetite and risk tolerance. This links to the article and the Youtube of the discussion we had.

Human Risk podcast on strategic risk management

In May 2021 I did two session of a podcast discussion with Human Risk founder Chritian Hunt. These can listed to via the below:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Risk-!n 2020

I had a great discussion with my esteemed colleagues Didier Odorico of Tetra Pak and Alex Sidorenko of EuroChem about ERM and approach of how to do this, and what value it brings. We have three different approaches and hence bring quite different perspectives to this topic.

Risk Awareness Week 2020 - Uncertainty based capacity planning

Risk management skills can be effectively applied whenever one is dealing with uncertainties. One such example is capacity planning. I show how you can leverage risk management tolls like Monte Carlo simulation to calculate capacity needs based on a targeted delivery service of e.g. 90%. Traditional capacity planning tools does not provide such an option.

Decide to Succeed

A broad discussion with Alex Sidorenko on 1 April 2020 where we took offset in my book Decide to Succeed" and responded to attendee questions on decision risk management. The session is available on YouTube.

Real life example of robust ERM

An interview/discussion with American risk consultant Carol Williams on how to leverage Enterprise Risk Management

Using Monte Carlo simulation to support decision making

An interview/discussion with American risk consultant Carol Williams on how to leverage empirical methods on decision making.


I had the pleasure to speak at the 2019 New Year assembly of the Danish Building Society. The slides from here (in Danish) are downloadable.

#Changing Risk Day

The magazine StrategicRisk established a 24 hour #ChangingRisk marathon talking about decision risk management.


Risk Awareness Week 2019 - Decision risk management

I am a proud contributor to this online October week, where I talked about decision risk management in action.

DARIM Meeting

I had the pleasure to talk to the Danish organisation of risk managers (DARIM) both in an shorter address to the plenary session, and a longer session with the ERM branch of the organisation. The two presentations (in Danish) are combined here.

Risk-based decision making

I had the pleasure to participate with Alexander Larsen, Danny Wong, Alexei Sidorenko in a panel discussion led by Kin Ly of StrategicRISK. We discussed the why, the obstacles and the how's of implementing decision focused risk management. The 48 minute discussion can be seen here.

Risk managers as decision facilitators

In this brief interview with Kin Ly from StrategicRISK, we discuss how risk managers can and should leverage their insights to enhance decision quality on all levels.

Risk Day

I had the pleasure to give the keynote address at the risk day at the school of economics, business and law in Gothenburg. The presentation slideshow is downloadable.

ERM - fraud or valuable tool

Alexei Sidorenko of Risk Academy and myself have a discussion around Enterprise Risk Management. As we do not agree on the approach, there are plenty of nuances in this webinar.

Risk-!n conference, Basel

I was proud and happy to collaborate with Katja Rieger of RippleEffect delivering the opening address at the 2018 Risk-!n conference in Basel on 31 May.

Business leadership group introduction

This presentation - in Danish - has been, and is, given to business leader groups (VL grupper) on request as inspiration for a discussion about intelligent risk taking

Risk Management as value driver

This half hour podcast is a discussion between risk visionary Alexei Sidorenko and myself from December 2017 on risk management as a driver of

manoeuvrability and value to a company.

Leverage your risk tolerance

This presentation was prepared for the IDA Risk forum in Copenhagen in December 2017. It outlines why and how to apply intelligent risk taking.

Perspectives of risk management

The concept of risk management is, and will continue to be, changing. This presentation was given as the keynote speech at the Strategic Risk Forum in Singapore, May 2017.

4 Steps to intelligent risk taking

Risk management can provide a lot more value than protecting decisions already made and risks already taken. This webinar from April 2017 describes four steps to enhance intelligent risk taking.