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The discipline and profession of risk management is undergoing significant changes these years, and will continue to do so for years to come. In an ever-changing world, the attention towards taking risks and managing the risks taken becomes increasingly important for businesses and organisations to survive and prosper.

The stakes are getting higher and speed is increasing. Hence, intelligent risk taking becomes a necessary core competence of leaders at all levels of an organisation.

This book builds on solid and practical experience, and takes the reader from the basic concepts and approaches to making manoeuvrability a true competitive advantage by actively and deliberately leveraging the tools and processes of risk management in business design, strategic and operational decision making.

As such, this is a practical guidebook to be used by risk managers and executives who wishes to get more value out of the efforts spent on risk management.


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Hans Læssøe has written a very readable book about his deep experiences as an effective international risk management executive. The book contains a wealth of valuable insights that can be transposed directly into hands-on practice by the astute business reader.

Torben Juul Andersen Professor,

Strategy and International Management

Copenhagen Business School

In this book, the author presents useful and practical risk management tools, processes and frameworks which can help organizations achieve strategic advantage in a volatile and disruptive world. The book draws on the pioneering work of the author in leading the development of Strategic Risk Management at the LEGO Group. This is a book that should be read by management teams, risk management professionals, well as board members. I highly recommend this book!

Dr. Mark L. Frigo, PhD, CPA, CMA

Ezerski Endowed Chair

Director, Strategic Risk Management Lab

DePaul University – Chicago, IL USA

A fascinating look inside the alternative to traditional risk management. Moving beyond risk mitigation to informed risk taking. I found the chapters about integration into decision making and strategic planning very refreshing and practical. I am sure risk practitioners will also appreciate Hans’s take on the risk management maturity and the future of the risk management profession. Great book, highly recommended!

Alexei Sidorenko, CRMP

CEO, Risk Academy

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Hans Læssøe