“Decide to Succeed is a fantastic go-to resource for both risk management and project management professionals who want to influence the decision-making process at their organization. The practical guidance and in-depth example provide you with the details needed for successful execution.”

Carol Williams,
Founder, ERM Insights by Carol


This is a small (74 page) book, which provides insights into decision risk management on a practical and hands-on approach.

The book defines the inherent steps of making a decision and where/how to influence this by embedding risks, opportunities and uncertainties into the decision process.

Many decisions are implemented/executed by some means of a project. This book shows how to effectively identify, manage and report on project uncertainties being on time, money or any other performance indicator.

The book is based on a model example to ensure the approach and tools of the book are directly applicable.

List of contents

You may download the list of contents of the book, and hence get a view of what it contains

DtS Contents.pdf


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