Hans Læssøe

Solid business experience

An MSc. Engineering, combined with 35 years of LEGO Group seniority with staff and leadership experience from a wide range of areas:
  • Supply chain benchmarking, analysis and strategy
  • Executive support and strategic planning
  • Product development
  • Business and strategic controlling
  • Strategic risk management
For a decade responsible for building and leading the LEGO Group strategic risk management function:
  • Establishing enterprise risk management and reporting
  • Establishing project risk and opportunity planning
  • Establishing strategic scenario process
Processes and tools are today LEGO Group standards. For this, the LEGO Group has won multiple international awards.

I am a member and founder of Danish and international networks and has served as advisory member of the Strategic Risk Management Development Council under the American RIMS organization and has been awarded a certificate of appreciation.

I am the author of multiple articles and sections of books on risk management, including the RIMS "Strategic Risk Management Implementation Guide".

I am a former ISO 31000 Certified Professional and Approved Trainer.

I am keynote and specialist speaker at conferences, and have spoken in eg. London, Vancouver, Saskatoon
, Copenhagen, San Diego and Singapore.
"Hans is a dynamic, engaging speaker and we were honoured to have him on stage to deliver the opening keynote presentation at StrategicRISK’s Fourth Annual Asia-Pacific Risk Management Conference in Singapore.
Hans’ willingness to share the vast knowledge and expertise he has acquired during a long career in risk is rare in a speaker and made his presentation truly stand out.
Delegates walked away feeling inspired and equipped with practical knowledge that could be applied back in the office.
I would highly recommend Hans as a speaker on strategic risk management." 

William Sanders, executive publisher, StrategicRISK