The AKTUS name is a merge of the two Danish words of "Active Uncertainty" (Aktiv Usikkerhed).

AKTUS is based on the idea, that as uncertainties including risks and opportunities are facts of life, one may as well leverage these as competitive advantages.

In a volatile world, it is not just about being safe, when the boat is rocking – but about having the capability and courage to be the one rocking the boat - to succeed, you need to prepare to dare.

To do this effectively, risk management in the shape of "Intelligent Risk Taking" is advised.

I support organisations in actively benefitting from taking proven risk management tools and processes beyond traditional risk management.

I focus on organisations which are: Big enough to assign resources to take risk management to a next level ... and prosper from doing this with a systematic approach In a business environment, where success takes more than "business as usual"

AKTUS provides

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Support
  • Tools and templates

tailored to your needs.

The AKTUS image stems from a

real-life project. The red bars indicate

the initial performance outcome

range of a real-life project I risk

managed. The green bars indicate

the risk managed performance

outcome range.

The high green bar matches target

performance, which there without risk management was less than a 3%

chance of meeting, and with the established risk management was more than 60% change of meeting. By the end of the day, actual performance exceeded the target by 35% and was delivered on time.

Hans Læssøe

I am the principal of AKTUS, which I founded in 2017.

I come with:

  • 35 years of business experience from a series

of senior positions:

    • Supply chain capacity planning,

benchmarking, analysis and strategy

    • Executive support and strategic planning
    • Product development
    • Business and strategic controlling

  •   10 years as head of the LEGO Group strategic risk management
    • Establishing enterprise risk management and reporting
    • Establishing project risk and opportunity planning

  both of which are standard operating processes

  •   4 years as independent consultant
    • Training
    • Coaching
    • Supporting

I am a former member of Danish and European networks as well as served as advisory member of the Strategic Risk Management Development Council under the American RIMS organization.

I am the author of two books as well as multiple articles and sections of books on risk management, including the RIMS "Strategic Risk Management Implementation Guide". Articles can be found on the "Articles" sheet of this website.

I am an experienced keynote and specialist speaker at conferences, and have spoken in eg. London, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, San Diego and Singapore. General presentations can be found on the "Presentations" sheet of this website.

"Hans is a dynamic, engaging speaker and we were honoured to have him on stage to deliver the opening keynote presentation at StrategicRISK’s Fourth Annual Asia-Pacific Risk Management Conference in Singapore. Hans’ willingness to share the vast knowledge and expertise he has acquired during a long career in risk is rare in a speaker and made his presentation truly stand out. Delegates walked away feeling inspired and equipped with practical knowledge that could be applied back in the office. I would highly recommend Hans as a speaker on strategic risk management." William Sanders, executive publisher, StrategicRISK ©