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2018 State of Risk Management Report

This report has just be released, and shows some progress - but alas only a little, and in some ways - in the direction of more bureaucracy and

control, and less towards effective decision and intelligent risk taking.

In the below, I comment on the key findings.
2018 State of Risk Oversight.pdf

Imagine and prepare for 2030

This article leverage the AKTUS "Prepare for Uncertainty" scenario process to address 2030 and pinpoint issues to consider for businesses and organisations already today.
Imagining 2030.pdf

Business Continuity - Strategic Perspective

This article has been published in the January edition of the Risk Insights Newsletter. The focus is applying known business continuity approaches to strategy as well.
Perspectives on Business Resilience.pdf

Speed of change - Stop whining and leverage it

Gareth Byatt of Risk Insights and I have co-authored this article on the opportunity of leveraging the ever increasing speed of change. The article has been published January 2018 on Strategic Risk/Europe and as a series of three smaller pieces in Strategic RISK Asia/Pacific
Speed of change - stop whining and leverage it.pdf

Future jobs - Different school subjects

The world is changing and machines will take over any task and job that can be described systematically to any degree. What will be left for us humans are jobs based on creativity and empathy. Preparing todays children for tomorrows means we need to teach these subjects explicitly.
Future jobs - Different school subjects.pdf

From traditional to strategic risk manager

The role of a strategic risk manager is very different from that of a traditional risk manager. This article describes the change of tasks and skills requirements etc.
From traditional to strategic risk manager.pdf

A practical guide to risk tolerance

The ISO and COSO standards talk about risk tolerance and risk appetite. This article provides a practical guide to the definition and use of these valuable concepts.
A practical guide to risk tolerance.pdf

Winning with projects

Project risk management is more than ensuring delivery on time/on budget. This article describes how holistic risk and opportunity management for projects can vastly enhance the value and success rate of a project.
Winning with projects.pdf

Uncertainty and strategic advantage

All organisations live in a world of uncertainties. These can be leveraged as strategic competitive advantages by applying the tools and approaches of risk management in the decision making and strategy processes.
Uncertainty and strategic advantage.pdf

Utilize your risk appetite and tolerance

The level of managing risks depends on your risk tolerance, yet many companies have not defined this. By knowing what level of risk, you are prepared to take, you can leverage this to take on more risks in pursuit of higher aspirations.
Utilize your risk appetite and -tolerance.pdf

Faster changes

The world is changing at an ever-increasing speed. This may be true, but change is the only constant – a more than 2000 year old quote. As a leader, leverage this to your advantage.
Faster changes.pdf

Perspectives of risk management

The concept of risk management is, and will continue to be, changing. This presentation was given as the keynote speech at the Strategic Risk Forum in Singapore, May 2017.
Singapore 2017 Key Note.pdf

Webinars etc.

Risk Management as value driver

This half hour podcast is a discussion between risk visionary Alexei Sidorenko and myself on risk management as a driver of maneuverability and value to a company.

4 Steps to intelligent risk taking

Risk management can provide a lot more value than protecting decisions already made and risks already taken. This webinar describes four steps to enhance intelligent risk taking.